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Smart Toxin – Xeomin®

Welcome to the world of cosmetic enhancements, where you’ve probably heard of “Botox.” However, it’s essential to know that Botox® is just one brand among several competitors in the market, much like how “Huggies®” is to diapers. Botulinum toxin, the active ingredient, works by blocking neuromuscular signals, effectively immobilizing the muscles in the treated area. This safe and proven method has been used for years to combat dynamic wrinkles by injecting it intramuscularly.

Duration-wise, research suggests the effects typically last around 140 days. At Coco Beauty, we utilize Xeomin®, a top-tier German toxin manufactured by MERZ Aesthetics. What sets Xeomin® apart is its purity; it was designed to be 100% toxin, containing only the necessary components for optimal functionality. Additionally, Xeomin® is unique in that it lacks proteins in its composition, making it impossible to develop antibodies against it. This absence of antibodies ensures that your treatment remains effective, without the need for increased doses.

Moreover, Xeomin® has shown remarkable results in enhancing skin quality when applied intradermally or subcutaneously, even in a hyper-diluted form. It works wonders on sebaceous and sweat glands, creating an anti-inflammatory effect that, in turn, improves pore size, skin tone, and overall complexion.

The procedure itself is straightforward and minimally invasive. A tiny 1.2 cm needle is used to inject the product into various areas of your face, targeting both muscles and superficial layers. You’ll feel a momentary prick as the product enters your skin for mere nanoseconds. For a full face treatment, expect around 30-35 mini injections distributed across your forehead, crow’s feet, and between your eyebrows. Your journey to rejuvenation begins here at Coco Beauty, where science and aesthetics blend seamlessly to bring out your natural glow.

Biostimulation – Radiesse®

Discover the beauty-boosting wonders of Radiesse® – a calcium hydroxylapatite biostimulator that works its magic intradermally using a gentle cannula or in bolus form in targeted areas to stimulate collagen production and enhance skin quality. This treatment is your go-to solution for addressing tissue flaccidity, sagging, and laxity, with the added benefit of a subtle lifting effect over time.

What sets Radiesse® apart is its FDA approval as a biostimulator, reaching its peak effectiveness around four months and delivering results that can last from 10 to 16 months. For an extra boost in skin quality, it pairs beautifully with Xeomin®.
The beauty of Radiesse® lies in its adaptability. Depending on the specific area being treated, we tailor the product’s quantity and proportions to ensure optimal results. Whether you’re looking to rejuvenate your face, hands, neck, glutes, abdomen, or other areas, Radiesse® can work its magic consistently, improving skin quality wherever it’s applied. For those seeking a more defined jawline, Radiesse® excels in contouring the angles around your jaw joint.

Let’s walk you through the process. Radiesse® can be skillfully administered intradermally, just beneath your skin, with a cannula, forming a delicate fan pattern to target the desired stimulation area. After a gentle numbing with lidocaine, a tiny entry point is made for precise application. Alternatively, when used periosseously (atop the bone), it’s strategically placed to enhance projection and volume with a fine needle.

Revitalize your natural beauty with Radiesse® – where science and aesthetics come together to elevate your glow

Fillers - Belotero®

At Coco Beauty, we believe in the artistry of aesthetic treatments, and that’s why we choose Belotero® among the diverse range of hyaluronic acid options available. This remarkable substance, naturally present in our bodies, serves as an absorbent canvas to sculpt and enhance your facial features to perfection.

Our approach is all about creating a harmonious masterpiece tailored to you, not just administering syringes. We understand that achieving your desired effect may require multiple syringes or types of hyaluronic acid, and we’re here to craft a personalized aesthetic project that accentuates your unique beauty. Your satisfaction and facial harmonization are our priorities, not just the sale of individual products.

The longevity of these treatments varies depending on the specific product used but typically lasts between 8 to 16 months, ensuring you enjoy your enhanced look for an extended period.

Let’s take a walk through the process. Our fillers are administered through gentle injections or cannulas, strategically placed in different areas of your face to add volume and refine anatomical features. To ensure your comfort, our syringes contain lidocaine, a local anesthetic.

Discover the art of facial enhancement at Coco Beauty, where your natural beauty is our canvas, and your satisfaction is our masterpiece

Enzymes - PB Serum®

Enzymes are the metabolic superheroes that keep our bodies functioning optimally. At Coco Beauty, we harness the power of these natural proteins to help you achieve your desired results, whether it’s fat loss, scar tissue reduction, or facial contouring.

Our secret weapon is PB Serum®, a revolutionary product that combines three essential enzymes—collagenase, lipase, and lyase—in precise proportions. This blend is your solution for addressing localized or diffuse body fat, refining your jawline, and reducing stubborn scar tissue. The best part? You’ll start seeing noticeable results within just a few days, and multiple sessions can be scheduled to meet your specific goals.

Let’s take a walk through the process: This procedure involves the strategic placement of tiny needles in your target areas. Whether you’re looking to contour your face or tackle fat deposits in your abdomen, legs, or glutes, we’ve got you covered. It’s also effective for addressing localized fat concerns like “double chins” or back rolls.

Experience the transformative power of enzymes at Coco Beauty, where we’re dedicated to helping you achieve your best self with science-backed treatments.

Female Intimate Fillers - Mesofillers®

At Coco Beauty, we understand that fillers aren’t just for your face. They can also work wonders on other areas of your body, helping to restore lost volume, hydration, and elasticity. One such area we specialize in is the labia majora, a crucial part of a woman’s intimate zone.

Over time, factors like aging and menopause can lead to a loss of elasticity and volume in this sensitive tissue, which can affect your confidence and comfort. But there’s good news – we’re here to help you regain that youthful vitality!

Here’s how it works: The procedure typically takes between 30 to 45 minutes. First, we apply an anesthetic gel, allowing it to work its magic for 15-20 minutes to ensure your comfort. Then, a local anesthetic is administered to the treatment area. A carefully placed needle is used to deliver the filler, working from the distal to the proximal part of the injection site. Not only can these fillers enhance appearance, but they can also address sensitivity issues and urinary incontinence.

Experience the difference at Coco Beauty, where we’re dedicated to helping you feel your best, both inside and out.

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