Insights into the Future of Aesthetic Medicine

I had the privilege of attending the renowned IMCAS Americas 2024, a pivotal event that converges experts from the global aesthetics and beauty industry. Despite my brief visit, São Paulo’s vibrant energy left a lasting impression, underscoring the city’s relevance in the thriving aesthetics scene prevalent across Brazil.

The congress was not just an educational opportunity with its array of workshops and lectures, but a visual experience, allowing us practitioners to observe and critique the latest techniques firsthand. We often say in our field that an injector must maintain an artist’s eye, constantly sharpened and inspired, to excel and innovate, and IMCAS was an invigorating artistic haven.

The event unfolded in the expansive São Paulo World Trade Center, drawing a host of national and international speakers I’ve long admired, alongside a plethora of pharmaceutical and technological exhibitors. Among the myriad of pioneering topics, regenerative medicine shone the brightest, spotlighting the transformative potential of substances like exosome therapy. These vesicles, known for their anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties, are shaping the future of non-invasive treatments, offering promising results for skin luminosity, firmness, and recovery post-trauma

A surprising takeaway was the evolving application of botulinum toxin, extending far beyond forehead and frown lines to transformative effects on the lower face, heralding a new era of comprehensive facial aesthetics we’re eager to introduce at Coco Beauty. This expansion reflects a broader trend in aesthetic medicine, where fear of fillers is dissipating, giving way to non-surgical lifting techniques that deliver dramatic, yet natural-looking results.


The conference also highlighted the growing male demographic in aesthetics, exploring how cultural trends influence treatment preferences, from the subtle enhancements sought in the Far East to more defined contours in the West.

Notably, the integration of AI in cosmetic procedures was a topic of fervent discussion, predicting a future where technology and human expertise blend seamlessly to enhance treatment outcomes. Moreover, addressing the concerns and expectations of the younger generations, who are increasingly influenced by digital media, remains a critical focus for our practice.

As I return from IMCAS, I am inspired and equipped with cutting-edge knowledge and tools that will refine our services at Coco Beauty. You can look forward to an enriched treatment menu and a holistic approach to your beauty journey.

Thank you for your trust in Coco Beauty. I am excited to embark on this enhanced aesthetic venture with you, ensuring that each visit to our spa is a step toward realizing your ideal self.

Stay beautiful and see you at the spa,

Dr. Diego Elliot