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At Coco Beauty Medical Spa, we’re excited to introduce XEOMIN®, a special botulinum
toxin treatment that’s uniquely purified for your safety and comfort. It’s designed to effectively
reduce wrinkles like frown lines and crow’s feet, ensuring you get the best results with
minimal risk.


RADIESSE® stands out at Coco Beauty as a revolutionary skin aging solution. It uses innovative microspheres to boost your skin’s natural collagen, providing immediate and lasting rejuvenation. Enjoy a refreshed, youthful glow with RADIESSE®, a treatment with a high satisfaction rate and trusted safety.


Discover the BELOTERO® range at Coco Beauty, where we use advanced fillers to subtly and naturally enhance your facial aesthetics. Our personalized approach ensures each treatment is tailored to you, filling wrinkles and restoring facial volume while keeping your unique beauty in mind.


Discover the future of skincare with pbserum® at Coco Beauty. This revolutionary biotech cosmeceuticals, featuring unique enzymes, deliver effective, minimally invasive treatments for radiant skin health and beauty.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Experience the benefits of Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) at our medical spa. Our testosterone pellets offer a gradual, natural solution, enhancing overall well-being, energy, and physical health, beneficial for both men and women.


Explore Mesofillers® at Coco Beauty, our solution for women’s intimate health. These fillers address changes due to estrogen level fluctuations, restoring comfort and appearance effectively.

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