Fillers - Belotero®

At Coco Beauty, we’re passionate about the artistry in aesthetic treatments, which is why we’ve chosen Belotero® from the array of hyaluronic acid fillers. It’s all about harmonizing and enhancing your natural features, not just applying products. Our approach is tailored to your unique beauty, ensuring a lasting and satisfying result. Experience our artful touch with gentle, lidocaine-infused injections, designed for comfort and precision. Let us transform your look with Belotero® and celebrate your natural beauty as our masterpiece.

Our Fillers Treatment Services

Fillers (Belotero®)

Treatment Price
Rhino Modeling
Cheek Bones
$420/ syringe
Tired Eyes
Eye Rejuvenation / Periorbital Grooves
$420/ syringe
Jaw Line
$450 - $1000
Lip Contour Only
Nasolabial Folds
$420/ syringe
Temporal Lines
Deep wrinkles
$30/ cm
Facial Harmonization (fillers)
$420/ syringe
Dissolving session (hyaluronidase)
$290/ session

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