Biostimulation – Radiesse®

Experience the rejuvenating power of Radiesse® at Coco Beauty. This biostimulator enhances skin quality and stimulates collagen production, effectively addressing sagging and flaccidity for a natural lifting effect. Tailored for various areas, Radiesse® offers long-lasting results, pairing perfectly with Xeomin® for enhanced skin rejuvenation. Whether it’s for facial contouring or overall skin improvement, our skilled application ensures optimal outcomes.

Let’s walk you through the process. Radiesse® can be skillfully administered for two specific outcomes;

  • Global Biostimulation; Intradermally, just beneath your skin, with a cannula, forming a delicate fan pattern to target the desired stimulation area. After a gentle numbing with lidocaine, a tiny entry point is made for precise application.
  • Focal Biostimulation: Alternatively, when used periosseous (atop the bone), it’s strategically placed to enhance projection and volume with a fine needle.
Revitalize your natural beauty with Radiesse® – where science and aesthetics come together to elevate your glow

Our Radiesse Treatment Services

Collagen Biostimulation (Radiesse®)

Treatment Price
Syringe with 1,5 cc
2 syringes of 1,5
Xeomin® full face and 1 syringe of Radiesse®

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