Meet Melinda

Your Personal Care Specialist

Melinda’s journey at Coco Beauty began as a patient, and her transformation from a valued client to an integral part of our team is a testament to the extraordinary experiences we offer. Having explored various medical spas in the past, she discovered Coco Beauty in April 2023 and became a regular client.

What sets Coco Beauty apart for Melinda is its unparalleled commitment to professionalism, responsiveness, and expert service – qualities that deeply resonate with her. Her background as a goodwill ambassador at a law firm, where she excelled in delivering software training and providing support to new hires, reflects her passion for helping people feel at ease and well-cared for.

Melinda’s innate ability to welcome, guide, and communicate effectively positions her perfectly to enhance your pre and post-consultation care at Coco Beauty. By raising awareness of our products and treatments, she strives to create an exceptional experience for our cherished customers. Melinda’s dedication ensures that your journey at Coco Beauty is not just about treatments; it’s about feeling truly valued and pampered.

With Melinda’s warm and friendly approach, we look forward to delivering the outstanding service that Coco Beauty is known for.

Meet Yorlenny

Your Certified Aesthetician

Yorlenny Garro, is a Costa Rica and USA citizen, has a masters in business, and Medical Aesthetician, Laser Technician. She has been working in the beauty industry since 2003.

In 2005 she became owner & director of Rejuline Skin & Body in Phoenix Arizona, USA, and had the opportunity to have the clinic ranked as the first facial and body aesthetic clinic in Arizona that focuses on the Hispanic market and offers the same quality and professionalism as the best aesthetic clinics in the valley. After 20 years of experience, Yorlenny is not only proud of the number of clients to whom she has offered her services with amazing results, but also of the number of women to whom she has been able to offer a job opportunity. Many women have been able to support their families, and many have pursued a professional career in aesthetics thanks to their time working in Rejuline.

In 2018, Yorlenny launched Rejuva Deluxe Skincare, a professional medical-grade skincare line, as a new way of helping and educating her clients on how to take good care of their skin at home.

Additionally, after her own battle with cancer in 2012 and the heartbreaking loss of her own hair, she understood firsthand how difficult it is to feel confident and look beautiful during a battle with cancer. Which is why she has decided to donate a portion of the profits from Rejuva Deluxe Skincare to purchase natural hair wigs for women who lost their hair during their journey with cancer.

In 2019 she became a Medical Aesthetician, due to her certification as a Laser Technician under the direction of Dr. Britt Ferrel MD. This certification gave Yorlenny the opportunity to provide more professional services to her clientele such as laser hair removal, laser resurfacing, and laser body contouring. Along with several continuing education certifications that keep her at the state of the art in non-invasive treatment modalities.

Her favourite phrase is: “Never stop believing in your dream. And never think it’s not possible because there is always a way to achieve success, no matter how big or small the goal is, or how long the journey ahead is.

Meet Marcie

Your Eyebrow Artist Extraordinaire

At Coco Beauty, we’re thrilled to introduce Marcie, a seasoned tattoo artist with a remarkable passion for enhancing your natural beauty. Marcie joins us on a seasonal basis, delighting our clients from November to April with her incredible talent and expertise.

Hailing from Nova Scotia, Canada, Marcie brings a wealth of experience and dedication to her craft. Her commitment to providing exceptional quality and unwavering reliability makes her a standout in her field.

Marcie’s artistic journey is deeply rooted in her admiration for eyebrows. This fascination was sparked during her fourth and final pregnancy when she was captivated by the allure of perfectly shaped eyebrows in women. Following this newfound passion, she embarked on a professional path in eyebrow artistry. She recognized her calling and dedicated herself to mastering this art form, solidifying her status as a remarkable eyebrow artist.

With an impressive 18 years of experience, Marcie approaches every new client as a canvas for her art, each appointment offering the opportunity to create something truly beautiful. For her, every new face is like nurturing a new baby, and the joy she finds in this artistic journey is evident in the smiles of her satisfied clients.
Marcie’s unwavering commitment to her craft, keen eye for detail, and her innate ability to transform eyebrows into stunning works of art have made her an integral part of our Coco Beauty team. When Marcie is in our studio, you’re not just getting an eyebrow treatment; you’re experiencing the passion, artistry, and dedication of a true professional.

We’re excited to have Marcie on board, and we look forward to creating captivating eyebrow transformations that reflect her extraordinary talent

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