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Laser Hair Removal - Fyralaser

At Coco Beauty, we are excited to introduce the Fyralaser, the latest advancement in hair removal technology. Setting a new standard in the industry, Fyralaser is designed to be exceptionally effective and competitive. More power, and less time on each session for visible results faster Unlike traditional lasers, it features not three, but four wavelengths. This unique capability allows for optimal hair removal across all skin tones and pigments, offering unparalleled customization to each individual’s unique skin color. With Fyralaser, we proudly extend our commitment to inclusivity, ensuring that people of every race and color have access to the best laser hair removal treatment available in the market. Coco Beauty is dedicated to delivering top-tier, inclusive beauty solutions to all our clients.
Treatments Session Packages Prices Price
Eyebrow Contour
6-8 sessions for $250
6-8 sessions for $200
Beard Contour
6-8 sessions for $300
6-8 sessions for $350
6-8 sessions for $500
Brazilian Bikini
6-8 sessions for $600
Bikini & Armpits
6-8 sessions for $650
6-8 sessions for $250
Half Leg
6-8 sessions for $450
Whole Leg
6-8 sessions for $750
Half Arm
6-8 sessions for $350
Complete Arm
6-8 sessions for $650
6-8 sessions for $700
6-8 sessions for $350
6-8 sessions for $500
*Open Bar
*Unlimited sessions

*Hair Removal all over your body. Imagine the convenience of a smooth hair free body

Ultra Skin

Ultra Skin is a transformative CO2 laser technology at Coco Beauty, designed for comprehensive skin rejuvenation. This advanced system precisely targets the epidermis, removing its superficial layer while stimulating collagen growth in the underlying dermis. As the skin regenerates, clients can observe a noticeable improvement in clarity, smoothness, and firmness. Ultra Skin excels in various treatments: facial rejuvenation, reducing hyperpigmentation, acne scar depth, and expression lines, enhancing skin texture (including delicate areas like eyelids), and restoring youthfulness to the face, neck, and hands. It’s also effective in tightening pores, lightening sun-damaged spots, and improving the appearance of stretch marks and scars, significantly boosting overall skin tone and elasticity.
Treatments Price
Face session
Neck session
Cleavage Session
Face & Neck Session
Face, Neck, and Cleavage Session
Scar Session
Laser Blepharoplasty
Vaginal Rejuvenation
$750 for 3 sessions

Neo Switched (Q Switch Nd YAG Laser)

Neo Switched is a cutting-edge laser technology at Coco Beauty, revolutionizing the approach to pigment-related skin treatments. Its rapid pulse emission effectively targets pigmentation, making it a groundbreaking solution for permanent tattoo and hyperpigmentation removal. For those rethinking past tattoos or permanent makeup, Neo Switched offers an efficient remedy. Additionally, it excels in performing the Hollywood peel, a technique utilizing targeted laser energy to even out skin tone, diminish pigmentation, and enhance overall skin texture. This results in a smoother skin surface, softened fine lines and scars, and a naturally glowing complexion.
Treatments Price
Hollywood Peel
$250 or 3 sessions for $600
Hyperpigmentation spots and face uniformity
Permanent Makeup Removal
Saline Tattoo Removal
Tattoo Removal
$300 - $600/session
Hand Rejuvenation

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