Permanent Makeup Treatments

These services are currently not available and will resume on the next high season

Permanent Makeup Treatments

Our skilled professional will transform your natural features into works of art, elevating your allure and confidence. For the high season, we are pleased to extend these permanent makeup treatments, offering you the opportunity to embrace the artistry of cosmetic tattooing and lash enhancements. Don’t miss your chance to unlock the beauty within. Secure your session today and unveil a more exquisite you.

Combination Treatment Packages

Exclusive Eyebrow Transformation Package

At Coco Beauty Playas del Coco, we’re delighted to introduce our signature Eye Brow Tattoo & Lift package, designed to elevate your beauty and leave you with a radiant and refreshed appearance.

Regular Price: $650 | Special Cash Price: $550

Unleash the transformative power of this exceptional package, meticulously curated to offer you a dynamic duo of treatments, each working synergistically to redefine and rejuvenate your brows.

Step 1: Brow Transformation - Perfection in Every Stroke

Embark on a journey with our highly skilled color and permanent tattoo specialist, who possesses the artistry and precision to redefine your eyebrows. Witness the magic as they demarcate, shape, and infuse your brows with a perfect blend of color and well-defined contours. Your eyebrows will not just frame your eyes but also enhance your overall facial features, unveiling a newfound beauty that you’ll cherish.

Step 2: Brow Lift by Dr. Elliot - An Age-Defying Finish

Dr. Diego Elliot, takes your transformation to the next level. With the expertise and finesse only Coco Beauty can offer, he will employ Xeomin®, our premium botulinum toxin. This advanced technique is specially crafted to lift and raise the tail of your eyebrows, giving you a more youthful, rejuvenated appearance. Bid goodbye to sagging brows and embrace a fresher, more confident you.

This exclusive package is an unmissable opportunity to reveal the best version of yourself. Elevate your beauty and boost your self-assurance. Book your Eye Brow Tattoo & Lift package now and embark on your journey to timeless beauty.

Supreme Total Lip Enhancement Package

Coco Beauty Playas del Coco proudly presents our exclusive Total Lip Enhancement package, a luxurious fusion of artistic tattoo techniques and premium lip fillers, meticulously designed to redefine, revitalize, and enhance your lips to perfection.

Regular Price: $999 | Special Cash Price: $820

Unveil the secret to luscious, plump, and beautifully defined lips with this exceptional seasonal offering. Our comprehensive package combines two refined treatments, each tailored to bring out the best in your lips, ultimately leaving you with a truly captivating and elegant appearance.

Step 1: Lip Tattoo Artistry - Perfecting the Canvas

Embark on the journey to kissable, alluring lips with our skilled tattoo artist. With artistic precision, she will skillfully tattoo your lips to achieve your desired color and definition. Whether it’s a soft, natural hue or a bold, vivacious shade, your lips will be your masterpiece. Numbing and local anesthesia ensure a comfortable experience while the magic unfolds.

Step 2: Lip Filler Mastery - Elevate Your Beauty

Dr. Diego Elliot, takes the reins to elevate your transformation. With a profound understanding of facial aesthetics, he will expertly administer lip filler injections. These enhancements not only add volume but also provide essential hydration and contouring to your lips. The result? Lips that are not only plush and voluptuous but also wonderfully defined.

Enhance your lips, boost your confidence, and embrace your newfound allure. Reserve your Total Lip Enhancement package today and experience the ultimate in lip perfection.

Seasonal Treatments

At Coco Beauty Playas del Coco, we’re delighted to introduce our exclusive High Season Cosmetic Tattooing and Lash Enhancement offerings. Embrace the exquisite art of enhancing your natural beauty with our expertly crafted treatments, available in the high season November to April.

Cosmetic Tattooing: Your Path to Timeless Beauty

Elevate Your Brows to Perfection

Powder Brow: Achieve the refined look of airbrushed brows, adding a subtle shadow effect.
Regular price: $599 | Special cash price: $449

Hair Stroke or Nana Brow: Experience the precision of individual hair-like strokes, flawlessly mimicking the appearance of real eyebrow hairs.
Regular price: $599 | Special cash price: $449

Microblading: Our masterful manual technique deposits pigments with intricate detail, ensuring brows that redefine perfection.
Regular price: $499 | Special cash price: $399

Lip Tattoo Magic

Lip Blush: Fill your lips with radiant color and enhance their natural beauty. Enjoy a harmonious and unified lip color.
Regular price: $799 | Special cash price: $549

Dark Lip Neutralization: Allow Marcie to create a bespoke lip color tailored to your unique skin tone.
Regular price: $799 | Special cash price: $549

Lip Liner: Embrace the artistry of lip definition with our precise lip liner tattoo.
Regular price: $549 | Special cash price: $449

Expressive Eyeliner

Upper Eyeliner: Define your upper lash line and frame your eyes with elegance.
Regular price: $399 | Special cash price: $299

Lower Eyeliner: Enhance your lower lash line for captivating depth and allure.
Regular price: $349 | Special cash price: $275

Both: Perfectly frame your eyes with both upper and lower eyeliner.
Regular price: $699 | Special cash price: $599

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